Nov 02

How Does a Man Really Cut Through the Masses in Online Dating?

Many of us upstanding males beat down by the competition could use some honest dating advice for online dating. Besides a winning dating profile, what does it take to cut through the masses realizing that most attractive women receive hundreds of emails each week?

Online Dating: What Drives The Decision | Dating Success For Men


I'm performing research looking for trends in the demographics of those that are using online dating services now as opposed to 2-10 years ago. Online dating is relatively new, and much of the competition has collapsed


Oct 16

Are the dating profile headlines really that important?

I’m always looking to improve my online dating profile and was wondering, what do women REALLY look for most?  Is it the profile headlines?  I have checked out dating profile examples online but they often don’t represent me. It’s said in no uncertain terms that dating profile headlines either scare potential matches away or increase curiosity to the point of opening your profile. With the latter as the obvious goal we men should take creating a winning headline seriously.

Create Your Internet Dating Profile Headline


Can you write a good dating headline? You use your dating headline as the first spot from which you get a chance to convey an aspect of your personality.


Oct 16

Online Dating Advice? Where to get it and who to trust?

I am curious as to how to go about getting solid online dating advice.  I’ve been doing it for several years but am still learning to master the art of being the “back burner” guy while the girl I really want is playing the field.  Conversely I could use some online dating advice or online dating tips in terms of being that guy who can play the field when I get on a hot streak without crossing boundaries or being rude.  What are good date ideas in this stage?  How should I behave?  Looking for girl’s perspective here…preferably those with good hearts :)

Apr 04

Has anyone else noticed how much Eharmony has improved lately? I tried it several years ago and notice a huge difference!

Years ago I tried Eharmony and couldn’t stand it but re-enrolled six months ago and have been thrilled!  using Eharmony, I’ve been able to get several dates per month with great girls.  Honestly I can say I’ve only had one negative dating experience out of the 20 or so girls I’ve met out from Eharmony.  Some days I wish the “free for all” platform on the most popular online dating site, would work well for me but it seems to really favor the women (who receive 200 emails per week) versus men..who have to send out 20 or emails just to get a decent response :).  Any thoughts from anyone else?